Yom Kippur Study Session with URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs

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September 16, 20212:30-3:30 pm

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Restorative Justice and Yom Kippur:  Healing the Harm We have Caused Personally and Communally

Showing up at Temple on the high holidays is an important piece of the spiritual work we each must do to heal the hurts we have caused. But heart felt prayers have never been enough to repair the harm our actions have inflicted on the people around us.  When possible, we must also make restitution. This isn’t spiritual work that only individuals must do, communal institutions are also obligated to engage in this rigorous ethical accountability.  On the holiest day of the Jewish year, URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs will help us seek guidance from Jewish sources as well as insights from the contemporary discipline of restorative justice.

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